Our company offers professional

laundry and professional cleaning services

in a timely manner. We successfully process a wide range of textile products mainly from hotel and restaurant industry, bed linen, bed linen, underwear, gowns, curtains, curtains, napkins, tablecloths. We take and deliver orders from all over the Romanian seaside, Vama Veche, 2 Mai, Limanu, Mangalia, Saturn, Venus, Cap Aurora, Jupiter, Neptun, Olimp, 23 August, Costinesti, Tuzla, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Constanta, Mamaia, Navodari.


The new generation of HS machines built by GIRBAU come with the best mechanical action and control of peripheral speeds, maximizing stain elimination. In the washing process we use softened water, the best quality detergents from PROQUIMIA, one of the largest brands on the European market, the automated dosing system for the latest detergents and over 30 customized washing programs.
  • The Aquamixer system combines hot water and cold water with the highest precision for the optimal temperature for each type of fabric.
  • The Aquafall system allows for extra water in the form of a cascade that is evenly distributed, which improves the washing and linen washing performance.
  • In order to protect the fabrics, our machines have a detergent dilution system before coming in contact with them.
  • For the removal of the toughest spots we have professional machines and special detergents.


Our Ecodryer dryers as well as washing machines feature the latest innovations and technology.

  • The Care Touch system, the drum holes are not punched, so the linen never touches the sharp ends of the drum, eliminating the risk of damage.
  • The Dielectric system controls humidity by adding extra dryness and offers a plus of uniformity.
  • Cool Down Cooling System, lowers the linen temperature as soon as the program is completed, providing lingerie with more crease protection.
  • The Trans Flow system directs the airflow through materials to obtain superior dryness.


In the process of ironing and folding, we use the modular line consisting of: 2-station automatic feeder, modular steam calender and automatic folding machine.
  • the lining load system is made by means of the clamps of a suction device and stretch brushes, the feed speed of the feeder is synchronized with that of the calender.
  • the latest-generation steam calender PC 80 has innovative features, the chromed cylinder comes with a uniform pressure on the materials, the S-coil circuit ensures an even distribution of the temperature and the lime surface.
  • the automatic folding machine has 99 programs for different types of items, selection, folding mode, and the number of folders is automatically based on the length and width of the items.


Procesarea produselor dvs. inseamna automat si amestecarea lor, pentru a putea elimina complet neplacerile care provin din neidentificarea lor, cu acordul dvs. vom atasa etichete personalizate cu logo-ul hotelului dvs. costul etichetelor si atasarea lor , vor fi suportate in intregime de catre compania noastra.

Revaluation - reconditioning

Revaluation / reconditioning

Toate produsele dvs. vor trece o data pe luna printr-un proces de inalbire si reevaluare care are rolul de a le readuce in parametri normali de exploatare. In procesul de inalbire vom folosi : detergenti, inalbitor optic, oxigen activ, neutralizatori si solutii de scos pete, clatirea repetata si temperatura apei adecvata vor asigura succesul procesului de inalbire, la final, lenjeria va fi triata, sortata si reevaluata, astfel dvs. veti putea stii tot timpul gradul de uzura si daca produsele dvs. sunt in parametrii normali de exploatare. Costurile ce survin din procesul de inalbire si reconditionare, la fel ca si in cazul personalizarii produselor dvs. vor fi suportate in intregime de catre compania noastra.


In the packing process we use an automatic wrapping machine with a capacity of 20 packages / minute, the feeding is done automatically by means of the conveyor which allows the quick introduction of the collected items, to be packed in foil with sealing tape.

Spalatorie  curatatorie textile - preluare / livrare


Our fleet has a collection / delivery capacity of 15 tons / day and consists of two 7.5 tons trucks, a 3.5 tons van and a 3.5 tons minibus.

The collection and delivery is provided free of charge by our company, our work schedule is 24/24 which allows us to return your order within 24 hours.


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