Our latest generation machines manufactured in 2019 in accordance with ISO 9001, comply with international safety and environmental standards and have the most advanced technology.

Washing machines
Washing machines - total washing capacity of 15 tons / day, the new generation of HS machines built by GIRBAU come with the best mechanical action and control of peripheral speeds, maximizing the elimination of dirt.
Ecodryer dryers
Dryers - total drying capacity 15.9 tons / day, the new Ecodryer driers benefit from the new Care Touch system, the drum holes are not punched so the linen never touches the sharp ends of the drum, eliminating the risk of damage.
Modular line consisting of: 2-station automatic feeder, modular steam calender and the automatic folding machine
Modular line consisting of: 2-station automatic feeder, modular steam calender and automatic folding machine - processing capacity of 15.5 tons / day.
  • the lining load system is made by means of the clamps of a suction device and stretch brushes, the feeder speed is synchronized with that of the calender.
  • the latest generation PC 80 steam cassette has innovative features, the chromed cylinder comes with uniform pressure on the materials, the S-coil circuit ensures an even distribution of the temperature and the ironing surface.
  • the automatic folding machine has 99 programs for different types of items, the mode selection and the number of folds are automatically based on the length and width of the items.
wall-mounted calender
Wall calender - processing capacity of 130 kg / hour, the PB-5132 V combines perfect productivity and efficiency with high quality ironing.
FT-MAXI automatic machine
The automatic folding machine - folding capacity 1500 pieces / hour, is designed for folding towels and articles, makes high quality folding and automatic sorting of items.
automatic wrapping machine
Automatic wrapping machine - capacity of 20 packages / minute, the feeding is done automatically by means of the conveyor which allows the quick introduction of the collected items, to be packed in foil with sealing tape.
Professional stain removal / pressure machine
Professional stain removal machine - the high pressure of 35 bar and the use of professional solutions allows removal of the toughest stains.
Metal trolleys for lingerie transport
Metal trolleys for lingerie transport - transport capacity 120 kg / trolley.
Our fleet
Car park - take / delivery capacity of 29 tons a day.


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